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Personal information

András József Tóbiás, senior lecturer/assistant professor/egyetemi adjunktus at the Department of Computer Science of Information Theory of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME-VIK SZIT),
and part-time research fellow at the Alfréd Rényi Institute of Mathematics, Budapest.
Associated member of the DFG SPP 2265 Random Geometric Systems.
Email: tobias_AT_cs.bme.hu
Room/professional address: IE.217.2, I building, 1117 Budapest, Magyar tudósok körútja 2, Hungary.

Formerly postdoctoral researcher at TU Berlin (with Noemi Kurt), even earlier master/PhD student in mathematics at TU Berlin (with Wolfgang König) and scholarship holder of the Berlin Mathematical School.
Former organizer of the "What is?" seminar of the Berlin Mathematical School.


My CV with list of publications and preprints (as of February 28, 2023)

Main research interests

Stochastic processes with applications in biology (adaptive dynamics, population genetics), interacting particle systems; continuum percolation and stochastic geometry with applications in telecommunications, large deviations.

PhD thesis

Message routeing and percolation in interference limited multihop networks. With Wolfgang König at TU Berlin, second reviewer: Giovanni Luca Torrisi, 2019.

Master's thesis

Highly dense mobile networks with random fadings. With Wolfgang König at TU Berlin, 2016.

Seminars that I regularly attend

Interacting Random Systems seminar, WIAS Berlin (hybrid)
SPIELE" - Stochastic Processes in EvoLution and Ecology seminar (online)
One World Probability Seminar (online)
Math seminars in Hungary (mostly in person)


My current teaching mainly consists of lectures and exercise classes of Probability Theory and Statistics and exercises of Algorithm Theory for computer engineering students (in Hungarian or German), see below.

My former teaching at TU Berlin (in German or English) included: lectures and tutorials of Stochastics for Informatics, exercise classes of Analysis II+III, Insurance Mathematics, Measure and Integration theory, and Probability Theory II/Stochastic Processes I (discrete time) for math students, tutorials of Analysis II for engineering students, seminar assistance for the seminar Probabilistic Methods in Telecommunications.

Hallgatóknak (for students, in Hungarian, PhD subjects in English)

Valszám minta kis zh

Statisztika jegyzetkiegészítés Molnár Szabolcs jegyzetéhez (nem végleges változat)

Valszám tárgyhonlap (magyar)

Valszám tárgyhonlap (német)

Témakiírások mérnökinformatikus hallgatóknak (BSc/MSc)

Doktori témakiírás informatikus és matematikus hallgatóknak (PhD subjects in math and computer science)

Algel tárgyhonlap (magyar)