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I have a somewhat serious history of playing drums in some of the most unpleasant bands in Hungary. My primary project is called Ordovďcıum, a four-piece consisting of Dániel Oszkár Rákos, Dávid Schnellbach (now in Audio Love Nation with ByeAlex), Bálint Hartmann and myself.  The initial lineup (also including Máté Biró) gave its first concert on the 18th of September, 2008, forever to be remembered as the international day of indecency.  Since then, we have released a demo titled "Say Goodbye to Classical Reality" in 2009, and a "farewell" album entitled "Never Mind, I'm Dead" in 2012. Unfortunately, the band is now on indefinite hiatus as I live in France Spain.

More recently, I am maintaining my drumming "skills" by making guest appearances with The Bad Axes, composed of Gábor Lugosi, Christian Brownlees, Daniel Navarro-Martinez and Gert Cornelissen. Video evidence:

If you are into some real underground stuff, check out my project called Ordovicium Sound System,  infamous for recording a very frustrating noise collage titled 06-12-08 BP 5:06 PM - 5:39 PM, the only track on the record Black Pedagogy II.

I also played the drums for the First Hungarian Paradise Lost Tribute Band called Paradise Host, who now continue with a different line-up after my move from Budapest.

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I try to listen to as much music as possible in my free time. Check out my profile if you want to keep updated
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