Analysis of matrices/Mátrixanalízis

Spring 2017

In this semester the classes are in English.

Lecture: Tuesday  12:15-13:45, IE217.1; Friday 10:15-11:45 ,   IE217.1

There is no class on March 10th, sorry.

Unfortunately we are following a Hungarian book (Rózsa Pál: Bevezetés a mátrixelméletbe, Typotex 2009 an old version of it is here) but the relevant material can be found in several English books and also on the internet.


June 1, June 8, June 15, the exams start at 9am. They might be in the room officially assigned to them or at the Department.

Thez are oral exams with  a small exercise to solve (compute) and a theoretical question (definitions, theorems, proofs).
Computers cannot be used during the exam but a  "cheat sheet" (a sheet of size A4, hand written by yourselves at home) can.

Sample   exercises for the exam.

List of topics covered.

If you have a question, send me an  an email.