12th Japanese-Hungarian Symposium

on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications

March 21-24, 2023 in Budapest, Hungary


History of the symposium

As a part of the long history of cooperation among Japanese and Hungarian scientists in the field of discrete mathematics, the 1st Japanese-Hungarian Symposium on Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications took place in Kyoto in 1999. The participants decided to continue their existing cooperation on a more regular basis and have established a biennial series of conferences.

1st JHSDM: Kyoto, 1999
2nd JHSDM: Budapest, 2001
3rd JHSDM: Tokyo, 2003
4th JHSDM: Budapest, 2005
5th JHSDM: Sendai, 2007
6th JHSDM: Budapest, 2009
7th JHSDM: Kyoto, 2011
8th JHSDM: Veszprém, 2013
9th JHSDM: Fukuoka, 2015
10th JHSDM: Budapest, 2017
11th JHSDM: Tokyo, 2019
12th JHSDM: Budapest, 2023


Department of Operations Research, Eötvös University
Department of Computer Science and Information Theory, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Organizing Committee

Kristóf Bérczi
Tibor Jordán
Gyula Y. Katona
Csaba Király
Gábor Wiener

Advisory Board

András Frank
Satoru Fujishige
Satoru Iwata
Tibor Jordán
Gyula Y. Katona
Tamás Király
Naoki Katoh
Kazuo Murota
András Recski
Takeshi Tokuyama


March 21-24, 2023.


Lectures will be held at the "Északi tömb" (North block) of the Lágymányos Campus of Eötvös University. The room for plenary lectures and Session A is Room 0.83. (Eötvös terem), the room for Session B is Room 065 (Than Károly terem): map.

The venue of the welcome reception on March 21 at 18.30 is the Q Building of BME: map.

The venue of the conference banquet on March 23 at 18.30 is the Trófea Grill Restaurant Újbuda: map.

Invited speakers

Hiroshi Hirai, The University of Tokyo (confirmed)

Naonori Kakimura, Keio University (confirmed)

Kazuhisa Makino, Kyoto University (confirmed)

Shin-ichi Tanigawa, The University of Tokyo (confirmed)

Takeshi Tokuyama, Kwansei Gakuin University (confirmed)

Yutaro Yamaguchi, Osaka University (confirmed)

Kristóf Bérczi, ELTE Eötvös University (confirmed)

Tamás Fleiner, Budapest University of Technology and Economics  (confirmed)

Contributed talks

If you plan to give a contributed talk, please submit a PDF version of preferably your full paper (length: 6-10 pages) or at least a sufficiently detailed extended abstract of some 2-4 pages until January 3, 2023. January 15, 2023 (extended deadline).

Contributions in LaTeX format are requested, using the jh2023.tex template file: download here.
Submissions should be sent by e-mail to the address jh2023 at cs dot bme dot hu.
The authors will be notified about the acceptance or non-acceptance of their paper until January 17 29, 2023.
The final version of the papers in LaTeX for the Proceedings (both for invited and contributed talks) are due until February 21, 2023.


Please fill in this form.


Program of the conference


The Proceedings of the Symposium will contain all the invited and contributed talks and will be distributed upon registration. Authors may publish their contributions later in some appropriate research journals.


Please send every communication concerning the Symposium to the e-mail address

jh2023 at cs dot bme dot hu


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