Numerical methods of linear algebra/A lineáris algebra numerikus módszerei

Fall 2017

In this semester the classes are in English.

Lecture: Mo,Tu 12:15-13:45,   IE 217.1

We are mostly following a Hungarian book but, for example, the book Matrix Computations by Golub and Van Loan is a good place to look for algorithms. Wikipedia also contains many useful things.

Main  topics covered so far


The exam consits of two parts.

For the first one, you  choose a problem from a list during the last weeks of the semester. Before coming to the exam,  solve the problem using a computer. The first part of the exam is about your solution method, your experiences.

The second part is an oral exam  from the material (definitions, algorithms, theorems, proofs, etc.)  covered during the semester. For this, prepare  a "cheat sheet": a sheet of size A4, hand written by yourselves at home.

In case of any question send me an email.